Palm Sunday Palm Crosses | pack of 25

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All Palm Orders placed before February 29th, 2024 will receive low flat rate shipping of $14.95 for commercial addresses or $19.95 for residential addresses.  Standard UPS rates will apply to orders placed after February 29th (5 PM ET).

24" - 36" palm strips, in bags of 100. Palms stripped and ready to hand out. Stripped from the Fan Palm.

Ordering and caring for your palm:

Most importantly, keep cool, 45-50 degrees, and do not freeze
To keep your palm strips fresh, do NOT open the plastic bags until you are ready to hand the palm strips out to the congregation.
Keep sealed bags in a cool area. A florist, restaurant or convenience store may have a large refrigerated space you can store the palms in until Palm Sunday.
If you are not refrigerating your palms, you should open each box and take three or four UNOPENED plastic bags of palm out of the box. This is because when palms are enclosed in plastic and packed, heat may begin to build up in the box between the plastic bags. Any perishable plant material will begin to break down in the presence of heat.
By taking the bags out of the boxes, you allow air to circulate more freely around the bags left in the box, which keeps the palms cooler and fresher.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. When will my palm shipment arrive?
A. Approximately 3-10 days prior to Palm Sunday. To ensure your palm arrives fresh shipments are scheduled according to your UPS or USPS zone.

Q. Why cant you tell me the exact date?
A. As you can imagine with the thousands of orders to fill and ship in one weeks time, our supplier unfortunately cant provide tracking information. This is why we confirm every order with you and our supplier.

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Gail Reid

We received our bags of palm crosses a few days before Palm Sunday. They were fresh and very green. We kept them in the fridge. On Sunday morning they were still in perfect shape. I believe these were the best crosses we have received in Ma by y years.