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Showing 1 - 24 of 32 products
Individually Wrapped 1 3/8" White WafersIndividually Wrapped 1 3/8" White Wafers
Fellowship Communion BreadFellowship Communion Bread

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Altar Bread FAQ

Store in a cool dry place and away from extremes in cold, heat and humidity. Always remember this is a food product and needs to be stored as such.

We recommend using within 2 year and since this is a dry and stable product, it can never spoil.

Cavanagh Company uses only whole wheat flour and water to produce altar bread. The facility does not bake or package any other product so there is no chance of cross contamination possible. We also do not use any baking sprays so our breads are 100% wheat flour and water.

Rolls in Boxes

The roll packaging has superior strength to withstand rough handling during shipping or any extreme condition. In many years of shipping millions of breads in this form, damage is virtually non-existent. Breads come packaged in rolls of 100 pieces of breads in boxes of 1000.

Plastic Containers

This superior package is made of PETE plastic and is available from your local source at no extra cost. This clear, rigid, recyclable container (4” x 4” x 9 ¾”) is the best of our packaging methods because it offers a complete hermetic seal, protection of freshness, protection against tampering and damage, easy opening, dispensing and resealing.


Packets are a packaging option using a thicker plastic, much like freezer storage bags, which will ensure the bread stays fresher longer and also retaining that just baked taste.

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