Maintaining and Replacing Your Refillable Candle Wick

    The wicks on all Lux Mundi products are pre-set for the best performance of your candles.  No more than 1/8" of the wick should be exposed on the top of a Refillable Candle.  Do not trim or adjust the height of these wick; doing so may affect the fuel consumption of the candle, create excess heat or soot, or reduce the life of your candle.

     As you use your Refillable Candle, excess carbon may build up on the exposed portion of the wick.  Simply wipe this off with a clean, soft cloth being careful not to pull out the wick.  When used as recommended, wicks for Refillable Lux Mundi Candles may last up to about 1,000 hours.  Replace your wicks before then, or when you notice the flame of the candle getting smaller.

     Replacement wicks are available on our site by searching for SKU LMW000007L

 Remove the brass burner from the candle, being careful not to spill any liquid paraffin that might still be in the candle
Unscrew the old wick from the brass burner
Pull the long end of the new wick through the top of the burner using the hook provided in your pack of replacement wicks
Screw the new wick back into the burner

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