Lighting Refillable Altar Candles for the First Time

Each Refillable Lux Mundi candle comes complete with a brass burner.

  Unscrew the brass burner and pour Lux Mundi Pure Liquid Paraffin into the cavity of the candle.  We offer a pump or spigot that may help with filling these candles from our 2.5 and 1 gallon jugs of Pure Liquid Paraffin.  Do not fill the cavity more than 1" from the top; filling beyond this point may cause liquid paraffin to overflow when the wick is re-inserted back into the candle
Re-insert the wick into the candle and screw the brass burner on securely.  Allow the wick to  absorb the Pure Liquid Paraffin for at least two minutes before lighting.
A Bic Lighter is recommended to light your Lux Mundi candles.  Once lit, the flame of the candle should be no more than 1" tall. Do not adjust the height of the wick to create a larger flame.

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