Adapting Refillable and Shell Candles to Your Candle Holder

Lux Mundi Refillable and Shell Candles can be used with a variety of candlesticks and candle sockets.  Sometimes these candles may need to be adapted to fit your candlestick.  We have two options for this:

Thread Adapters

Every Lux Mundi candle comes with a 1/2-13 threaded hole on the base that can be screwed into the 1/2-13 threaded stud of a candlestick.  If your candlestick has another threaded stud size, you can request thread adapters from us. These are available in the following thread sizes: 1/4-20, 10-24, 3/8-16, and 5/16-18.

Screw your thread adapter into the 1/2-13 hole snug into the bottom of your candle  Screw the candle onto the threaded stud of your candlestick


Nylon Socket Adapters

If you aren't screwing your candle into a threaded stud, Nylon Socket Adapters can be used to fit your candle into a socket of another size.  The Nylon Socket Adapter can simply be screwed into the 1/2-13 threaded base of the candle and then placed into your candle socket.

Screw your nylon socket adapter into the 1/2-13 threaded base of your candle Place candle into the socket

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